Rather than conventional dating, MissTravel.com belongs to an entirely different class of websites that are based on the idea of mutual benefits. Miss Travel promotes different type of social sugar daddy websites that are based on the similar interests, so this site doesn't extensively promote dating as its primary objective but use their services to find the best companion on travelling. Misstravel mainly aims at attracting weathy men and women who seek an attractive companion while on the trip.


It's a fair question but it's sort of like asking whether Match.com works or whether Tinder works. The point is: it works if you do.

  • 1 .Join: Miss Travel is like any other dating platform. You can freely create your profile and upload your photos. In just a few minutes, join one of the largest online travel dating communities.
  • 2. Connect : Explore our millions of members and connect with your ideal travel companion, discuss the travel plan and price.
  • 3. Travel: Enjoy the luxurious travel plan with your someone special.


The MissTravel site is divided into 2 distinct groups. One is for those generous members who have made the detailed plan for the vacation and are just seeking someone special to enjoy and share with them. Another group is for attractive members who are searching for wealthy hosts who can afford their entire travel fee. This site offer 3 ways of travel for members to choose:

  • Come to Me: The generous hosts invite the attractive beauties or handsome male to hang out for fun.
  • Travel with me: The wealthy host may ask an attractive individual to travel to a different destination with him. The wealthy person will undertake all the expenses.
  • Show me your place: In this way, you can ask the generous members to sponsor the trip expense to his place. This will let your take full use of your quality time together and find a new place for free.


Most people will have the same question on Misstravel "Is Misstravel safe?" In fact, the safety of traveling to a new place with someone you've never met can be nerve-wrecking enough to meet a POT at your local cafe for the first time, if you have chosen to be the role of sugar baby. So it is perfect natural to have the thought of going to a new destination with a man you've never met. However, there are still several things for attractive girls to consider when you travel to meet a new generous person.

  • Choose Background Verified Person. Make those background verified members as your first choice and check the material carefully. If they're not in the same city as you, use Skype, Linkedin, FB to help you.
  • Go Where You Feel Comfortable. If you've never been outside of your nation, it's probably not a good idea to take your first MissTravel trip to a completely new country. You can choose some friendly countries like France, England, Australia‚Ķ
  • Get to Know Your Partner. Most trips on MissTravel are arranged from several weeks to months, so you have plenty of time to get to know the person.
  • Prepare Emergency Money For Yourself. It's a really smart idea to make sure you have enough money to get you home safe if something unhappy happened.