How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

How to get money from sugar daddy

(Posted on ) A sugar baby allowance is nothing like what you would have ever received before. It is not an income from your workplace. It not a Christmas check from your parents. It might be a regular handsome influx of cash if you know to play your cards well. However sugar babies who are new to this may find it difficult to get their sugar daddies to shower them with gifts or money as they like it. On the other hand these sugar daddies pride themselves in their ability to be able to shower their sugar babies with expensive gifts. The most common fear is appearing too dependent or materialistic with them. Here are a few tips to overcome them.

Know your target

Looking out for a potential sugar daddy, you should know the kind of men you're targeting. Married men tend to have more commitments than single or divorced men. To get the desired money, you should be able to identify and target the right people who are generous and would not hesitate to shower you with all the earthly pleasures. Enlisting yourself in a sugar daddy website might be a much easier option. There are numerous online dating app, but you might not find much success their as they would be looking out for other things. Finding the proper site will help you save a lot of time.

Be his fantasy

Most of the sugar daddies or divorces or men tired of their marriages. So the best way to keep them hooked is to play to their fantasies. Being smart and charming both physically and intellectually will get them to be more impressed by you. You should know how to become a quality sugar baby. This will also make them more eager to shower you with gifts to ensure nobody else approaches you. Another important aspect is sugar babies follow the requirements without raising any objections.

Establish a connection

Connection between sugar daddy and sugar babies are generally based on a sense of mutual benefit and are very superficial in nature also. But once you establish a connection, try to learn a bit more about their past, struggles, achievements and success. This will push them to see you as more than just a sex-object. This will also ensure that they are more attached to you and want to shower you with more gifts and money.

Have a good amount of honesty and openness in the relationship

After building a good relationship, you will have access to all his details like his earnings, payment, spending etc. He will also know all about your needs like your college fees, entertainment and other needs. By being honest you will have the opportunity and the leverage to be vocal about your needs and necessities. This will also ensure you do not look like a gold digger. Some people who have had family experiences are more likely to be very cautious about deceptive tricks for their money. So it is always in your best interest to be open and honest as to what you will do with their money.

So it is not very difficult to get allowance from your sugar daddies, if you know to play your cards well with them.

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